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Film Set

12 Week Classes

All classes are LIVE and ONLINE

Each class/cohort is limited to 10 people

  • Look over the class days/times - classes are 12 weeks long

  • Read the self checklist to help determine if this is right for you

  • Contact Kristen to set-up a FREE pre-registration Zoom meeting

Online Class Schedule

June "24



6:00 - 9:00 Pacific

Beginning June 3rd

July '24


2:00 - 5:00 Pacific

Beginning July 7th

August '24


6:00 - 9:00 Pacific

Beginning August 7th

Self Checklist

BEFORE you register for this intensive training, please go through this checklist to self determine whether or not this course is right for you

  1. Do you understand that your job on set will be to prevent sexual harassment and assault?

  2. Do you understand that you will also be coaching actors and choreographing simulated sex scenes in a way that prevents assault?

  3. Do you have acting experience?

  4. Have you worked on a film set?

  5. Are you experienced in movement and choreography?

  6. Are you empathetic?

  7. Have you studied psychology or mental health?

  8. Can you handle conflict resolution through non-violent communication?

  9. Are you easily offended?

  10. Are you prepared to prevent sexual harassment or assault?

  11. Do sex scenes, including violent sex scenes, on-screen offend you?

  12. Can you easily discuss explicit sexual content without shame?

  13. Can you handle open and honest conversations about difficult subjects such as bodily harm and rape?

  14. Do you have a good sense of humor?

  15. Are you easy to work with?

If you are still interested please contact us  to set up a

FREE pre-registration Zoom consultation.

Ready to reserve your place in class? Register here

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