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About Film Intimacy

Film Intimacy is a training program designed to prepare film intimacy professionals in all aspects of creating intimacy for the camera. Graduates of this program will have the knowledge and skills to confidently work as film intimacy consultants, coordinators, and choreographers to ensure safety and consent in all aspects of filmmaking. Our program is led by Kristen Elizabeth an experienced professional in the industry who has over 35 years of experience as an actor and educator, over 10 years of experience teaching how sex scenes are crafted for film, and is fully committed to providing the highest quality  training to our students. We believe that every film set should prioritize safety and respect for the actors and crew involved, and we are here to make that vision a reality.

From pre-production to post-production our training program is designed to teach you every step of the process so that you feel confident and capable of handling all aspects of intimacy in filmmaking. 



"9 years ago, I was lucky enough to learn from Kristen how simulated sex scenes are filmed. Her explanations were clear, insightful, and thoughtful."

Kathy Savage

I "met" Kristen ten years ago when Kristen started a group, for like minded women who feel our responsibility is to build each other up, to focus on the things that unite us, even, or maybe especially, in a divisive world. Kristen created a safe space for us to share our most intimate experiences, questions, and fantasies. Anything we had ever been through, or were curious about, was open for discussion, education, more discussion, and exploration. Kristen's knowledge, experience and openness drew together a group of women of varied ages, backgrounds, locations, even comfort levels with their own bodies, and there we celebrate each other, and all forms of intimacy. Kristen is passionate about what she does and has well rounded experience to draw from in order to free that passion.

Tanya McDonald

"9 years ago, I was lucky enough to learn from Kristen how simulated sex scenes are filmed. Her explanations were clear, insightful, and thoughtful."

Kathy Savage

"I worked with Kristen on a series in which she was the Intimacy Coordinator, but I knew instantly she had a mind for storytelling. She provided a safe and honest space for us, before, during, and after our intimate scene. We were able to ask her anything and felt so at ease with her direction that we were able to laugh, connect, and to know she had eyes on everything so we could just focus on being present. In addition, Kristen clearly cares deeply for the truth in a story and in how to convey that. She is an asset to any set!"

Kaliegh Macchio, Actor

“I first met Kristen on the set of a production last year. I didn’t work with her directly on that set, but when I had intimacy scenes come up for a shoot a few months later I remembered how the other actors who worked with her absolutely gushed about how fantastic working with her was. I knew right away that I wanted her on set with me for my first intimacy scenes, and she did not fail to live up to the glowing reviews my peers gave. She was clear and compassionate in her approach, while still being very straightforward. She really helped to create and maintain a culture of safety on set for myself and the other actor, and also really empowered me going forward about what to expect on other sets. I cannot recommend working with her enough!”

Bevin Victoria, Actor

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