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Film Intimacy is for everyone on set, not just the Intimacy Coordinator. From Actors & Producers on down to the PA's, everyone benefits from knowing and understanding what we do and why we do it. 


This workshop is for any actor or crew member that has little to no experience with intimacy coordination and what to expect on sets. We will go over the basic on-set protocols, the history of intimacy coordination, and why we are now required to have IC's on sets when any level or nudity or simulated sex is involved. 

The Basics  $75

Tues Feb 6th or 20th 

Thurs March 7th or 21st 

6-9 PM Pacific 


Actors... you have trained and studied your craft, but did any of your classes teach you how to approach nudity or simulated sex for the camera? Probably not! This is an area that most acting teachers/coaches don't ever cover, because they don't really know themselves. It's highly specialized. This workshop covers the basics of Kristen's film intimacy acting technique, something she developed for herself as an actor performing in scenes between the sheets. This is not your average acting workshop! This technique is life changing, as it protects your mind, body, and soul while you are doing the work. 

For the Actor  $75

Thurs Feb 8th or 22nd 

Tues March 5th or 7th

6-9 PM Pacific 

Ready to dive in?  Register here

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